HTC launched HTC Explorer, one of the most affordable smartphones on the market (around $290) and the most recent completion of the global portfolio of devices. HTC Explorer thus proposes a complex smartphone experience for users having a smartphone for the first time. Having a curved and compact design, a 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen, a 3-megapixel camera, HTC Explorer provides specific performance through a model attractive and affordable.

According to the company, users of the new smartphone will be enjoying a well-defined graphics, exciting animations and a variety of widgets and video clips. HTC Explorer offers a customizable lock screen that allows users to access by a simple touch the most used applications and content such as updates from social networks, weather or stock market evolution.

The screen lock allows direct access to camera functions in order to capture important moments immediately. Also, it is included a new Smart Dialer, which displays a menu with fast one-touch access to speed dial contacts.

Using the “People” widget, users can follow updates from social networks, which display this information in a single stream of conversation, easy to follow. Also, the user can send quick messages that contain a photo, video or details of an area, all of them with one touch.

Fast and intuitive online navigation
HTC Explorer comes with Adobe Flash plug-in, useful for web and being the first in its class with HVGA screen. The plug-in will allow users to run almost all applications in the Android Market. Smart URL prediction provides easy access to 100 of the most popular websites, while the automatic URL correction is filtering the online browsing.

Users can make reservations at the restaurant or can connect to customer service by simply dialing the numbers listed on any website. And if has forgotten to print the map of its destination, the user can access the address and it will be displayed in real time a map of the area.

HTC Explorer comes in three versions of colors: Metallic Black, Active Black and Metallic Navi. There are also available few colors for customization: Metallic Blue, Metallic Orange, Metallic White and Metallic Purple.

"HTC Explorer is simply a smarter phone for anyone and it represents another clear demonstration of HTC's global commitment to expanding the market for advanced smartphones," said Jason Mackenzie from HTC.

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