There were many rumors the last months about a possible release of a Facebook smartphone in the near future. We even heard of its specifications. However, they do not seem to be realistic anymore.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, "it wouldn't really make much sense" for such a move and the possibility of creating their own smartphone. This means that all the rumors all these months about a Facebook smartphone, its possible design and its specifications were nothing more than rumors, with no credibility at all. There was even a rumor about Facebook collaborating with HTC and employing engineers to build hardware, but Mark Zuckerberg was quite clear.

Was he? Some Facebook "experts" believe that he might be hiding his plans, in order to surprise them all at a future announcement. Not many CEOs like to provide details about their plans and this might be another case of it. Even though they might not expect to release a Facebook smartphone right now, how can we be sure that they won't do it in the future?

It is obvious that Facebook focuses a lot on mobile market lately, especially after the acquisition of Instagram for 1$ billion. This meant that they try to be part of the profitable mobile industry and the possibility of having their own smartphone to combat the others, and not just an application, might not be a bad idea. Of course the competition would be high and they already risked a lot with their IPO, but do such companies act with cautiousness?

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