VoIP has become a prevalent digital solution in most parts of the world, offering quality phone service with the inexpensive convenience of the internet. But business owners in rural communities have not enjoyed the service as much as their urban counterparts. Well it seems like progress is being made, and soon more rural customers will enjoy VoIP service.

The question was posed to Trefor Davies, a member of the Internet Services Providers’ Association UK, why is VoIP service in rural areas so complicated? He acknowledged that the issue is an incredibly important one, but as of now only about 66% of the populace can access the speedy broadband service necessary for quality VoIP connections.

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Parliament is working hard to rectify the situation, which as with most other issues comes down to funding. But according to Davies, leading VoIP provider BT feels they can bring 90% of the country into the broadband fold, given enough resources. Their aim is to make that goal by the end of the current parliamentary period.

Their hope is that those 90% of residences would have broadband service at speeds of 25 Mbps or better. The other 10% of people will continue to have spotty service, until more of the country’s infrastructure is invested in improving broadband.

It’s a governmental issue, as VoIP is merely an update on traditional phone service, and will need to be accessible to the masses to take the next step. The sooner the private sector and the governmental funding bodies can get on the same page, the better for the country’s businesses, especially those operating well outside the major population centers.

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