Samsung seems to enjoy its latest success on smartphones, with the numbers of the second quarter being more than satisfactory.

As it seems, Samsung is finally a real competitor for Apple, with their recently popular Galaxy series selling even more than what they expected. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung shipped in the second quarter 50.5 million smartphones, which is a new record in the shipments of smartphones. Meanwhile, Apple sold only half of Samsung's numbers, with just 26 million units. These recent stats indicate that Samsung holds the 35% of the global market in the second quarter, while Apple is behind, with the 18% of the market.

What's more, Samsung had a 5.86$ billion profit, which is 79% more than the one they had just a year ago. Of course, Galaxy S has affected a lot the sales, since there are many customers that are preferring it over the anticipation of a new iPhone. As it seems, it is the only smartphone that can really compete with iPhone and Samsung seems to enjoy this privilege. However, how long is this heyday going to last?
According to Neil Shah, Strategy Analytics analyst:

“We believe Apple’s lackluster performance was driven by some Apple fans and operators holding off iPhone purchases in anticipation of a rumored new iPhone 5 model around September or October this year.”

It cannot be denied that an Apple fan is on hold for the arrival of iPhone 5, but how will Apple react to the competition?

Nobody can tell yet. For the time being, Samsung can celebrate on their quarterly victory. As for Apple, they are waiting for the next crucial quarter. 

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