LG is proud to announce that they managed to sell 5 million LTE smartphones, commenting on their strategy for "different phones for different consumer needs".

It was just a month ago when they announced that they had sold  million LTE smartphones. Now, in just a month they managed to reach another milestone, selling almost one LTE smartphone every two and a half seconds! Their strategy is based on the diversity of their consumers, trying to offer a smartphone for every need. They already have 10 LTE smartphones, which are available in USA, Korea, Japan and several countries in Europe and Asia, where LTE services are available. The most popular LTE smartphone is definitely Optimus LTE, selling 2 million units, while Optimus Vu has sold 500,000 units. Another success was Optimus LTE II, the first LTE with 2GB RAM, which has already sold 500,000 units in just 70 days.
LG is very optimistic about the future of LTE smartphones, feeling comfortable that these figures are just the beginning.
According to the CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company, Dr. Jong-seok Park:

“Sales of global LTE smartphones are expected to increase ten-fold this year from last year.”

“With that in mind, we are planning to introduce an even more impressive LTE line-up in the next several months second to none.”

According to a report by Jefferies & Company, LG is dominant in LTE patents globally, having a value of more than 8 billion dollars.

It seems like LG has found a way to survive in the competitive smartphone market industry, hoping that LTEs will maintain and even increase their numbers in the following years.

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