Sonoa Health, a health tech startup based in Melbourne, Australia, has developed an innovated consumer health portal, Health&, which brings together data from online health records, medication prescriptions, wearable devices and more.

Yesterday, the Company appointed investment banker John Stewart as its CEO. Stewart brings to the table more than 18-years experience in investment banking and corporate advisory, which has included working closely with the biggest names in Silicon Valley.

Sonoa Health was officially founded four years ago and ramped up production for its consumer health portal early last year with more than 50 handpicked recruits. The portal will be launched later this year.

Health& portal is designed to provide an intelligent interface between doctors and consumers, which displays consumer health information in one place and helps them to proactively manage illness. It is supported by a search engine containing animated, illustrated and written health content, which is derived from evidence-based resources and designed to boost health literacy.

The unique algorithms at the core of Health& power a reasoning engine, which brings the logic of a doctor’s brain online and delivers truly individualised health information to consumers.

The company has engaged nine medical professors, who are all members of the Order of Australia, to head its Medical Advisory Board. In-house, there is a young team of doctors, writers, developers, animators, illustrators and an entrepreneurial leadership team too.

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