Clear Destination has announced the launch of a new web app that customers can use to track the delivery of large household items, like furniture and appliances. The web portal is available on all web browsers, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry (through a software development kit), and on the new Samsung and Apple watches.

Clear claims it is the first home delivery tracking web app to provide such complete details on each step of the delivery, “from the moment customers make the purchase and schedule the shipment, to real-time updates on the item’s location until it’s been delivered.”

To use the app, a customer first signs in via their computer or smartphone, and can instantly locate their item in real-time on a map. Customers can also arrange to receive notifications by texts or emails.

The site has a comprehensive set of tracking features: on top of seeing their purchase, address, and scheduled delivery date, customers will also see pictures of the delivery team assigned to their items, a map with a truck icon displaying the real-time location of the delivery team, the number of deliveries the team has to make before arriving at the customer’s home, an estimated time of arrival (ETA), a customer service chat window, and the ability to cancel or reschedule a delivery at any time.

Plus, if the delivery team arrives at the customer’s home when no one is available, they’ll take a picture of the house or building and upload it to the tracker to demonstrate that they attempted a delivery.

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