We know for sure that Apple is developing a new Apple TV. We are curious as to what new features the new tiny black box will have and when exactly it's set to be launched.

There was the possibility that apple might have been creating its own Internet TV service as a solution to its Apple TV limited content. Bloomberg News reported that it was less probable for Apple to by-pass cable operators and gets programming rights licenses from the media companies after failed negotiations with programmers and cable operators. Apple may be looking at the next alternative which would be having cable operators like Times Warner Cable and others get the programming rights on their behalf.

When news later came of the acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comsat in a $45 billion deal, it seems that Apple may find a hard time getting a good deal with Comcast since Comcast has a set top box of its own. The X1 set top box may make Comsat reluctant to give up its internet TV to a market rival.

People following Apple’s activities and new innovations have been waiting on the company to cause a storm in the TV market just like what it did with the iPod player and iTunes in the music industry. The 2007 Apple TV was last updated in 2013 and there have been news of a new AppleTV with the iOS 7 mobile software which is indicative of a new device this year.

13 million AppleTVs have been sold according to Apple CEO even with rumors of the company reducing its plans to venture into the TV industry. They are now focusing on getting programming rights from media companies though cable providers so that they do not seem like they are competing with the companies. So for now, all eyes are on the outcome of these deals. Mostly, we look forward to what will happen with the Time Warner Cable as it seems to be the first company that Apple has approached.

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