One may find VoIP a bit troublesome because using it requires a user to sign up to the service and in order to share the experience of using it with friends and family, one has to sort of market the service or maybe put in some effort to get them on board. That is not all; using VoIP across different services may also be an up-hill task but Bolt intends to make life on VoIP easier and maybe something to look more forward to.

Bolt uniqueness comes in the aspect that, unlike services like Skype where users can only use it to call fellow Skype members, bolt does not obligate its users to such a choice. Calls made by Bolt users to other Bolt members will be channeled through their service and calls to other services are channeled normally. This makes Bolt a one-stop VoIP significantly reducing all the work one gets into once you sign up to each new service.

Their main target may be to rally up users for their system or just make it a service to want. The Bolt VoIP keeps a record of the most frequent calls and lists them first and at the center just like the stock calling service. People who like simple easy to use applications should really look forward to Bolt VoIP, especially those that find the new Android launcher troublesome. It is a wonderful service for people out to make just simple calls and you never know; some of the calls may be free of charge.

The new application is available in the Playstore and interested users with android 4.0 should feel free to download it. Still new at the store, it has a rating of 3.4 but you can be rest assured that it is as good as we say it is. Using it is quite simple and when you are not using it to call other Bolt users, it is still a good enough calling application.

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