We've had the pleasure of checking out the fresh-from-the-oven Sailfish OS 1.0, living inside the new Jolla handset. Sailfish is a new mobile operating system, cross-compatible with Android (so you'll be getting Angry Birds, don't worry.) Sailfish feels snappy and fast, and its swipe around menu system is surprisingly smooth. You can see a few pictures and a video below.

Sailfish for Android will be available "very soon," so you'll be able to install it on your own Android device. We've seen it live on several Samsung and HTC devices, and it works very, very well. Sailfish 1.0 will still be "beta" for Android, and probably require around 1GB RAM on your device (likely to go down in the future.)

At the Jolla booth at the Mobile World Congress they were also giving away Angry Birds soda. Angry Birds branded Jolla phone is said to be available before summer. 

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