It seems that LG understands that TV gaming is more important than other TV manufacturers realize. LG just launched its Beta Ubitus' GameNow Service, allowing Smart TV owners in the US to enjoy the fun of gaming through a streaming game portal. Full of console titles like Devil May Cry 4 and Dead Rising 2, this service is sure to be a welcome addition to gamers.

With AAA and MMO titles, there is plenty to keep gamers satisfied. The GameNow service allows the latest Smart TVs to be turned into gaming consoles. This service is not available, to this magnitude, on any other TV unit. Finally, gamers can get their game on without the hassle of loading discs. Now, with just a few selections, users can play big titles like Batman: Arkam City and Street Fighter X Tekken. There is no extra hardware to purchase and the games can be played at any time.

LG works to brings its customers what they want in their TV entertainment experience. Constantly pushing the edge of technology, they are leading the way in providing the best applications in Smart TV viewing. With this latest installment, LG is able to give its customers the best game technology, powered by the Ubitus name. With no console needed, gamers can play without the expense!

This cloud gaming experience will most likely prove to be a big success for LG. Teaming up with Ubitus allows for a great combination of technology giants to collaborate and make cloud gaming a reality. For those who want the experience, the free beta trial is available now at LG Smart World.

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