If you've been missing out on Verizon's FiOS Mobile service for your Android, you can now experience it, just like the iOS users have been doing for a few months. This application can now be accessed on a variety of different Android smartphones and tablets, giving users the ability to finally enjoy watching live TV and On Demand on their devices.

Through this application, users can watch their favorite TV shows, as some channels are available for live streaming. Whether you own a smartphone or tablet, you can have 24 hour access to all of the On Demand content. Though Internet Only users will be unable to access the TV and Video on Demand features, those who have a cable package will. No more being stuck away from your TV and missing out.

Google Play has the application available right now. For those Android users who have been unable to access this application for months, it is a welcome addition to all of the options that Verizon already offers its customers.

Finally, Verizon's FiOS Mobile service for Android is here.

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