For those looking for the latest storage options, once again Western Digital does not disappoint. Their latest offering is in the form of a size-zero drive that allows for a massive 143GB for every millimeter. Western Digital has just begun shipping these beauties.

This Western Digital Blue Drive is a miniscule 7mm thick and has around one to two different 500GB platters installed inside. There are different data capacities offered in 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and even a 1TB (two platters will be required for the 750GB and the 1TB options).

This new Blue Drive has all of the expected capabilities to keep it spinning and providing the data delivery that users expect. Featuring ShockGuard to prevent knocks and other movements from disabling it, this drive is more stable than others. The Blue spins at an incredible speed of 5,400rpm.

Already, Acer and ASUS are most likely going to be shipping their latest models with the Blue installed. Intel is also in the mix stating that Ultrabooks that contain Haswell processors would work perfectly with the WD Blue drive.

This Blue drive comes with a 2-year warranty and states that it is able to withstand 600,000 loads and unloads. The 1TB version of Blue is available now at around $139.00. You can view all of the specs and details on the Western Digital website.

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