The 4K TV technology scene has seen new entrants coming out to support it and be part of this revolution. One of the latest entrants is Sharp, one of the leading TV manufacturers. Sharp has come up with a variety of Quattron Pro TVs and some have already hit the UK market.

The UQ10 TVs come in three different screen  sizes that include the LC60UQ10 which is the 60 inch Sharp TV, the LC70UQ10 the 70 inch Sharp TV, and finally the LC80UQ10 80n inch Sharp TV. These Sharp TVs are believed to bring out a extraordinary HD display that is very close to the 4K display. This is possible due to the high number of sub pixels and over a billion color shades that makes it possible to have an excellent image quality

According to sharp, the reason as to why they have opted for this approach whereby they try to go as close to the 4K technology without necessarily using 4K is due to the fact that very many content producers have not gone into producing 4K content making it a bit harder to sell. Even though the HDTV test hasn’t been able to verify the quality claim, the explanation given by Sharp is very convincing and worth a try. Apart from the excellent image quality, the UQ10 TVs have an Aquos Remote Lite mobile app that allows the user to control the TV straight from their smartphones or tablets.

These Sharp TVs are set to have a retail price range between £2100 t0 £6300. The LC60UQ10 goes for £2100, the LC70UQ10 for £3200, and finally the LC80UQ10 is priced at £6300. However, only the LC60UQ10 is the in the market with the others to be released soon.

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