Mobile phones are part of our daily routine, since we are using it wherever we go. Travelling could not be an exception.

Nowadays, checking in on Foursquare for the new places we visit and uploading photos on Facebook is considered part of the trip for many of us. Technology has changed our lifestyle and it is not surprising that 39% of the total check-ins  are done while travelling. According to Tripl's recent inforgraphic, 79,971 photos were taken in total during trips, with the 28% of the trips having at least one photo uploaded. What's more, there were 20,401 check-ins in hotels, and the most popular destinations were New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Tripl is an application that notifies you about your friends' trips, according to their check-ins trough Facebook and Foursquare. It is a way to be updated on their trips and also check whether they are visiting your town to give them a call. Tripl's stats were gathered by their customers, with 137,151 trips in total, and their check-ins through Facebook Places and Foursquare. 

However, we don't need any stats to realise that checking-in with pictures is a trend, since a look at our Facebook wall is enough. How many friends do you have on Facebook that have uploaded pictures from their vacation? It's mid-summer, so the stats must be rising day by day. Gone are the days when going on vacation meant losing contact with the others. Now going on vacation means letting others know what it's like chilling in the sun and enjoying cocktails. Invasion of technology has also brought to the surface our narcissistic self and this is not expected to change in the following year.

For the time being, let's compete with others about our recent trips and find out who has taken the best picture.

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