After the showcasing of the Curved Ultra HD 4K OLED TV at IFA 2014, LG is this week showcasing it once more at CEDIA Expo. However, this time round it is bringing good news – the 65-inch model will be available in the market in October, while the 77-inch model will be available in November.

Before IFA, LG had introduced the 65EC9700 and the 77EG900, the two TVs that attempt to join two TV markets: the 4K OLED and the curved screens displays. Curved TV screens are relatively new in the market but they are already turning heads and getting good sales.

While the OLED technology is not new in the market, LG’s giant TV screen is the first of its kind bearing an Ultra HD resolution.

LG is also flaunting its WRGB, the “W” meaning a fourth white subpixel. This is in addition to the common green, red, and blue. This increases the TV’s brightness, which is quite useful having in mind that the OLED has no backlighting.

The OLED displays are also considerably thinner than the LCDs, thus giving LG’s displays both curves and thinness. In addition to the pixel densities and the attractive outward appearance, these TVs are smart TVs as they have WebOS on the metal.

The 65-inch 65EC9700 will be going for $9,999, while the 77-inch 77EG9700 will be retailing at $24,999.

While the 65-inch model will be available nationwide, the 77-inch TV set will be available in selected retailers.

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