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The cloud voice platform company, Alianza, announced successful integration and new solution partnership with GLDS’ WinCable. GLDS is a provider of customer management, billing, and broadband service for SMEs. The new partnership is said to “dramatically” reduce the cost of VoIP services and at the same time simplifie VoIP management.

Alianza and WinCable are together offering a cloud-based solution that includes comprehensive back-office functions and voice service delivery. Other services include number activation, customer service, billing, and account creation.

According to the companies, the new partnership has so far been able to eliminate over 50% of the systems used to support and deliver VoIP and at the same time it has automated work-flow thus driving down costs of operation.

The GLDS president Garrick Russel said in a statement that they believe the most agile approach and the lowest cost to broadband can be found in the cloud. He added that the new solution partnership will make it faster, easier, and less costly for both small and large service providers to manage and deploy VoIP.

The two companies will be at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Denver.

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