Google launched $105 smartphone in an event that took place in India. This device is the first Android One’s initiative that aims at promoting sales in the emerging major markets through improved software quality and cheaper prices.

Google bonded with handset makers from India Micromax, Spoice Mobiles, and Karbonn to introduce the 6,399 Rupees phone. It targets the fast-thriving low-cost part of the world where the smartphone market is growing the fastest.

After the launch in India, Google announced that it plans to take Android One to Philippines, Indonesia, and several other South Asian states by the beginning of 2015.

Google is partnering with other companies including HTC, Panasonic and Acer to develop many more devices under Android One.

Google is aiming at using Android One to come up with higher quality software and hardware by offering the handset developers a frame of reference. A greater sale on Android One smartphones translates to more access to Internet and more usage of Google’s wide variety of products.

The availability of cheaper smartphones in the Indian Market has made it possible for many people to own smartphones for the first time. In a recent research, it was found out that 10 percent of the Indian population that owns smartphones currently is expected to double within the next four years.

India has over 80 smartphone brands and the research pointed out that if Android One is to compete with Motorola, China Xiaomi, and Samsung, it has to offer its customers more than just affordability.

Together with creating web content for its Indian customers, Google is also working towards making YouTube videos accessible to its users. It has also made new Android phones accessible in seven different Asian languages, Hindu included.


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