LG Electronics’ new range of HDTVs will be capable of playing full DivX HD 1080p videos.

The company says the upcoming models will be the first device series capable of doing this – enabling consumers to play DivX HD videos from a PC or the Internet through a USB slot.

With the DivX 7 software package, users can compress a full HD movie onto a USB stick or SD card, or several on a standard DVD.

While HD video requires a plenty considerable of storage space, LG says the DivX technology allows approximately two hours of high-quality DivX HD video on an 8GB media card.

Simon Kang, chief executive officer and president of LG Home Entertainment TVs Company, said that as people expand their DivX HD video collections they are looking for more convenient ways to watch them on their TVs.

"We’ve given them the ultimate convenience by building support for DivX HD playback into our digital TVs," he said.

More than 200 models of LG digital TVs have been DivX Certified, including the LH50, LH70, LH85, PS70 and PS80 series.

In addition, a wider variety of innovative LG TVs are now DivX Certified for playback of full DivX HD.

LG says its new line of TVs will be available in late May in the United States, and within the next eight days in Europe.

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