More than a year after the high-def format war ended Warner Bros has launched a new HD DVD trade-in program in the US that allows its HD DVD titles to be exchanged for the same film on Blu-ray for a small fee.

Called Red2Blu, it allows consumers to get the Blu-ray titles for USD $4.9 (USD $9.95 for boxsets), without needing to trade in the actual HD DVD discs, just the cover art (with UPC code) from the red HD DVD cases.

Shipping costs a flat rate – and hefty – USD $6.95 and the offer extends to a maximum of 25 films per household.

Warner has all 128 titles available for "upgrade" and return delivery time is between 4-5 weeks.

Warner is also launching its first Blu-ray Disc customer loyalty program.

The WarnerBlu Get 5 Get 1 Free scheme enables consumers to receive a free Blu-ray movie for every five featured titles they buy up until 6 April, 2010.

Among the first eligible titles counting towards the five purchases are Yes, Man, which was released this month, He’s Just Not That Into You and Gran Torino.

The selection of free Blu-ray movies includes We Are Marshall, Rush Hour 3 and Pan’s Labyrinth.

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