Enciris Technologies has unveiled HD video compression technology aimed at solving problems with reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.

The LT-100 is a Windows Media Video/ VC-1 HD video acquisition and compression board.

France-based Enciris says it has been designed to meet the needs of demanding real time true HD acquisition and compression.

A company statement said that the proliferation of HD video in all market segments has created a significant need for this type of compression technology.

It adds that specialized, high performance dedicated hardware for real time compression is the only solution due to the massive computational requirements.

"The low cost of the LT-100 now allows high quality HD compression to be used in product/ projects that previously would have been prohibitive," said the statement.

"It is a perfect solution for the demanding needs of medical, surveillance, internet, broadcasting, videoconferencing, and video gaming applications."

Enciris said the LT-100 captures video from both analog and digital HD and SD video sources including DVI, RGB, component, S-video and composite.

An HD/SD-SDI option is also available.

Additionally, the LT-100 can function as a HD compression coprocessor for video supplied by the host via PCI or USB.

The LT-100 will compress HD Windows Media Video (WMV/ VC-1) up to advanced profile level 3 with resolutions from 176×144 to 2048×2048 pixels.

The maximum compression frame rate is 240 frames per second at lower resolutions. At 1080p the LT-100 can compress 30 frames per second.

All standard HDTV resolution are supported including the acquisition of 1080p60. The LT-100 can simultaneously acquire uncompressed video for preview purposes or occasional snapshots.

Designed for low latency applications, the LT-100 outputs compressed video within only a few milliseconds of acquisition.

Drivers for WindowsXP/Vista and Linux are included. Under Windows, DirectShow is fully supported.

A cross platform SDK is also available for Windows and Linux application development.

Mac OS X support will be available soon. Available as a combination PCI/USB board, the LT-100-VC1 can be either placed in a PCI slot or be connected via USB 2.0.

It is ideally suited for OEMs and system integrators. The LT-100-SDI is an optional HD/SD-SDI daughter card. A USB only module, the LT-100-VC1U, is also available which includes a 140x100x40mm enclosure.

The LT-100-VC1US is the USB module with the HD/SD-SDI option. A hardware decompression feature will be offered Q3/2009 free of charge via firmware upgrade.

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