The launch of Belkin’s FlyWire has once again been delayed – this time until August.

First announced at CES 2008, the initially promising-sounding wireless device streams 1080p HD content from multiple HDMI inputs to HDTV televisions using the 5GHz band.

So the Flywire hub can be used to wirelessly connect devices such as Blu-ray players, receivers, video-game consoles, and set-top boxes to HDTVs and projectors.

The company claims its device offers whole-home range that penetrates walls or windows. An IR backchannel allows users to control AV devices hidden behind cabinet doors or in other rooms.

Automatic frequency hopping is designed to reduce conflicts with Wi-Fi or other signals.

Originally due for release in the US in January, this has now shifted back to the end of the summer.

Along with the release changes, Belkin has raised the price of the FlyWire from USD $1,000 to $1,500.

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