Amerivault and Network Technology Group Inc data storage providers are to join forces to create Venyu Inc.

The new venture will provide commercial grade, customizable solutions for data storage with disaster recovery, writes Samantha Sai for

Both Amerivault and NTG are owned by HealthNet Services Inc (PHNS).

The two entities joining forces were purchased by HealthNet Services for a combined USD $167 million.

Venyu will be based out of Baton Range and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of PHNS.

It will provide data backup, disaster recovery and managed data center services to small and medium sized businesses.

Its progressive portfolio also includes online data backup, physical and virtualized recovery solutions, managed hosting, SaaS, and co-location services.

Scott Thompson, CEO of Venyu, said it would address client concerns about security and privacy, including focusing on providing solutions and progressive ways to safeguard mission critical data against disaster.

He said the company aimed to provide secure, reliable and scalable backup and storage solutions that require minimal maintenance, leaving clients free to pursue their business.

"We’re focused on virtual disaster recovery," he said. "If you have five servers, we will take a snapshot of the data residing on them and keep a virtual instance of them in our own facility."

Thompson said Venyu is also focused on handling increasing volumes of customer data and is looking for ways to service customer needs in this arena.

"We’re not really as far along as we need to be storage-wise, I think. SSD [solid-state drive] is coming along, but I want to know what is the next fundamental thing that we’re going to do in the storage arena to help this problem, because the volumes of data that we’re talking about – tape can’t do this.

"You can’t get this done on tape. I don’t care how large the jukebox is. The exponential growth of data that we’re talking about is not going to be able to be managed on tape. We have to do this through disk of some kind whether solid state or rotational."

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