The next advancement in the TV sector is already here and when compared to the standard HDTV, it makes it seem faint and overrated. The new technological format known as 4K was primarily designed for digital cinema projections due to its high resolutions. Compared to a 1080 HD TV, 4K offers up to four times the HD resolution. Due to this high resolution, 4K TVs are very expensive but the prices have already started rationalizing.

According to CES 2014 show, 4K is the next big thing in the TV sector and that is why many manufacturers are trying to shift to this new product so as to attract the demand market. When used in digital cinema projections, 4K delivers up to 4096×2160 pixels of quality images. However when put in a TV, the resolution changes to 3840×2160 pixels which is 4 times more than the standard HD resolution. Since its resolution is more than that of the standard HD TV but less that 4K resolution, it is termed as the Ultra HD TV.

With the 4K resolution and the Ultra HD resolutions being slightly different, the 4K cinema pictures will have to be scaled down or chopped off at the sides. This means that you will lose 6 percent of the image on both sides of the screen. In spite of the differences between 4K and Ultra HD, It has been noted that Ultra HD provides a certain leap from the standard TV in terms of image sharpness and detail. Switching to Ultra HD is the next step in the industry, profiting not only to the buyers but also the manufacturer.

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