Sirius: New Sony Smartphone

Sony is coming up with a brilliant new phone named the “Sirius” or “D6503” which seems to be a better and clearer version when compared to the previous Xperia Z1. According to Xperia blog reports, the Sirius will come with android 4.4.2 KitKat and an advanced camera that will be capable of 4K video recording. The camera hardware and software will also have a “Timeshift Video” feature that has the ability to record high frame-rate videos and can also apply slow motion effects to the videos.

The Sirius will be able to use a technology known as the “smart call handling” whereby a number of basic actions can be done without the need to touch the screen. To answer a call, one simply needs to bring the phone next to the ear and the call will be automatically answered. To reject a call, one has to simply shake the phone and the call will be rejected. Turning the device to face down will automatically set the phone to mute. This is a welcome step and many are waiting to see the practical application of these features.

Smart backlight control, built in answering machine, new personalization options   and finally the double tap to wake the screen; these are some of the additional  fantastic features that the Sirius will have .

The stereo speakers have also been improved. Unlike the rather unimpressive sound system in the Xperia Z1, the Sirius has speakers installed at the top and bottom of the front, with the aim of giving a better stereo experience.

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