XCast Labs has extended its IP videomail services to BlackBerry devices.

Consumers and enterprise users who own a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl or Storm, are now able to receive video messages from anyone with a videophone or Softphone application.

The SaaS digital voice and video solutions provider also delivers traditional voicemail to BlackBerry devices either as an MP3 attachment to email or via RSS feed.

XCast Labs CEO, Cliff Rees, said that for videomail, the XCast server analyzes the Blackberry firmware and type of device.

It then automatically provides a link to videomail that corresponds to the particular device model and firmware from which the request was generated.

Rees said that analysts Gartner has forecast that enterprises in North America will be supporting more mobile phones than desktop phones by 2011.

While most users will still also have a desktop phone, mobile phones would become more prevalent and replace desktop voice hardware to become the primary device.

Rees said that integrating video functionality with Blackberry devices is a critical milestone for XCast.

"Since the advent of mobile computing, the BlackBerry has been recognized as the PDA of choice for corporate end-users," he said.

"With continued consumer adoption and migration to these and other smartphones, our users will have access to the highest quality video messaging."

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