Hughes Network Systems has announced the completion of the roll-out of a HN System solution for Telefonica Espana to deliver satellite-based VoIP rural telecommunications services.

To enable the new communications services to operate a second switching centre interconnecting the rural satellite VoIP network to the national telephony network was required.

Hughes said the VoIP services are available to new customers based in remote/rural areas and to existing customers migrating from the existing TRAC network (Telefonia Rural de Acceso Celular — Rural Telephony with Cellular Access) to the satellite-based VoIP network.

The network comprises approximately 8,000 terminals, of which 80 per cent are residential, 15 per cent public telephony for city councils, and 5 per cent for small/medium enterprises.

According to Hughes, the satellite platform incorporates dedicated equipment supporting VoIP, including IP gateways and voice servers.

It shares resources with other satellite-based networks providing broadband Internet access to rural areas of Spain and residential/SME access.

The rural network installation by Hughes is the latest project in a 15-year relationship working with the Spanish telecoms giant.

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