WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) is stepping outside its comfort zone this year. Already an authority in the browser-to-browser audio and video communications industry, WebRTC has now showed up in Vonage mobile apps.

In an announcement by Vonage this week, the open source WebRTC has been given a central role in the company's mobile app plans. According to Vonage VP of Technology Research Baruch Sterman, the company was in deep during WebRTC's Native Stack development. This is a lower-level code that is unrelated to the browser stack.

Vonage plans to use WebRTC apps alongside its existing communications infrastructure because WebRTC is interoperable with a number of technologies that include RTP Real-time Transport Protocol and the SIP signaling protocol.

A report by Disruptive Analysis issued in February asserts that WebRTC is likely to outperform its press clippings to date. The report says that many underestimate the true scale and impact of the company.

This is contrary to the less positive range of reactions it has engendered — a case in point is a recent coverage of No Jitter entitled "WebRTC: Who really cares?"

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