is not taking the future of its premium smartphone lightly; it's taken its "G" game to a new level by developing a follow up to the original Optimus G and dubbing this new Snapdragon 800-based creation G2. LG G2 Becomes the company's first smartphone launched under the new "G" premium brand.

The announcement made things clear between the new G2 and its predecessor Optimus. LG is dropping the Optimus name and elevating the G series to the company's flagship lineup. The new G devices are aimed at building upon LG's reputation of excellence that the older G Series products have already established.

Perhaps this revelation is minor considering the world is already drowning in the so many leaked secrets of the smartphone, but this naming fits into a small piece of the puzzle we're all holding our breaths to see unleashed on August 7th.

Other changes in LG's products include the rebranding of the premium 4:3 display smartphones as "Vu" and onwards. All series feature the familiar UX and next generation core technologies, but each series will highlight a distinct quality of LG's product expertise.

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