Cricket legend Sourav Ganguly appointed as brand ambassador

Vyke Communications, the mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider, has announced the launch of its consumer marketing programme targeting the Asian expat communities.

According to a recent national survey conducted by Vyke, expats spend more money on their mobile phones than they do on their food bills.

With the desire to keep in touch with family and loved ones back home, texting internationally costs on average 25p per text, whereas, using Vyke’s FreeTxT application, costs are only 3p, or free if the recipient is also a Vyke user.

The campaign is being supported by Indian cricket legend, Sourav Ganguly.

The international sports star is frequently away from home on tour and finds technology such as Vyke’s VoIP help him to cost-effectively keep close to his family and friends.

During a visit to the UK, Ganguly will be carrying out various media activities – web chats, radio and TV interviews discussing different ways of dealing with being away from your family, and demonstrating the benefits of Vyke’s service.

Jan Berger, CMO, Vyke Communications said: “Our research clearly shows that 40 per cent of people from British ethnic communities keep in touch with their families back home by calls or text – an extremely costly habit to maintain. We are therefore very excited to launch this campaign.”

As part of the programme, Vyke has launched an exclusive expat survival guide blog,, offering first-hand advice on coping with homesickness and adapting to life in the UK.

Sourav himself will be writing a number of the blogs.

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