The appeal of the multi-service business gateway (MSBG) in the US market continues to increase, reports In-Stat.

A multiservice business gateway is a device that combines network voice and data communications services into a single box.

It integrates critical functions into a single platform that supports routing, VPN, firewall, security, IDS/IPS, service-aware QoS, voice, and application processing.

According to the high-tech market research firm that going forward the MSBG will be the means by which new IP communication technology and applications are adopted by small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices.

The multi-service business gateway (MSBG) combines the functionality of a router, Ethernet switch, security firewall, VoIP gateway, and other appliances into a single, integrated device.

Keith Nissen, In-Stat analyst, said: “The installation of new data communication equipment or replacement of data devices are the most common reasons for purchasing an MSBG.
“However, the migration to VoIP technology is increasingly driving MSBG sales.”

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:
* 50+ per cent of all US businesses with greater than 20 employees have installed MSBG devices, according to an In-Stat survey of US IT and business managers employed by corporations that operate small, medium or branch offices.
* 60 per cent of businesses favor MSBGs with integrated Wi-Fi technology.
* Nearly 66 per cent of businesses prefer office-in-a-box devices.

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