VoxOx Improves VoIP Freeware

VoxOx is offering new freeware that comes with a Personal Assistant feature that includes call recording, call forwarding, call routing, and call screening.

The multi-protocol messaging and VoIP communication client also has expanded social-networking features and stronger back-end support.

The Personal Assistant feature introduced in the new version can also be set to answer all calls, route calls based on caller, as well as more standard uniform call routing.

It also offers the ability to listen in on voicemails as they’re being recorded and users can set personalized ringback tones.

With the new version VoxOx is setting out its stall as a one-stop communication hub.

Instant messaging support has been expanded in the improvements to Facebook IM, MySpace IM, Gadu Gadu, and Skype.

E-mail address book contacts can now be imported from Google, Hotmail, AOL, Mac, and Outlook address books.

Both inbound and outbound faxes are included as part of VoxOx’s free feature set.

The program automatically converts text documents to fax-appropriate signals when you’re sending out. Incoming faxes are received as PDFs.

The freeware is available for Windows and Mac.

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