Despite one of the worst global economic recessions in decades, Voxbone, a provider of IP network services, "saw another year of substantial growth in revenue, network traffic and new customers in 200", the company informed today.

According to Voxbone, 2009 revenue was up 60 percent over the prior year, and minutes of use for inbound traffic grew 110 percent to 1.5 billion. In addition, Voxbone attracted more than 150 new customers to its base of service providers, multinational corporations, call center operators, conference call providers and others in the IP industry.

Voxbone provides these customers with direct-inward-dial (DID) and iNum numbers for local presence in foreign markets while enabling them to deploy new advanced services via backbone dedicated to voice-origination services.

Demand from conferencing providers, mobile VoIP providers, Web and telephony integrations, and enterprise customers accounted for much of Voxbone’s 2009 growth.

Businesses’ global expansion, transition from the PSTN to IP, and deployment of high-definition voice and video services helped drive growth for the company.

Voxbone reported it has assigned 18 million iNum numbers – global phone numbers with the “area code for Earth” – since introducing the service in November 2008.

The company plans to make SMS services available through iNum and increase interoperability with mobile operators in 2010.

Rod Ullens, Voxbone CEO, said, “What makes us different, and one of the main reasons for our success, is that Voxbone has been built from the beginning with an unusual mix of software expertise, a passion for open-source, deep understanding of telecom infrastructure and widespread global presence; we’re now in 49 countries.”

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