Volantis announced that it has passed the milestone of 7,000 handsets for its mobile device information library, making it the most comprehensive device library available on the market.

The HTC Legend, Samsung Wave and Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro are some of the most recently announced devices that have already been added to the Volantis device repository.

The number of supported attributes and characteristics variables has also increased, from 650 up to 750 per device.

Recent figures from the Volantis Mobile Internet Attitudes Report 2010 reveal that more than one in ten adults in the UK and the US are now accessing the mobile internet more than once a day, with another one in five accessing it at least monthly.

With this level of adoption set only to increase, the appetite for mobile internet services that can react and adapt to the changing device landscape will result in significant opportunities for mobile operators in both the established and emerging markets.

The Volantis mobile device information library is used by operators, systems integrators and developers to offer mobile internet and application experiences to consumers around the world, regardless of their handset or mobile device.

According to the company, with the Volantis platform, developers can target a “next-generation user experience for high-end mobile devices,” whilst maintaining “best-fit experiences for lower tier and legacy devices without compromise.”

For operators, this reduces exposure to commoditizing voice and SMS revenues by increasing data plan adoption from consumers across any device in their portfolio.

"The mobile handset market has been greatly impacted by the recent surge in popularity of smartphones," commented Mark Watson, CEO of Volantis.

"As a result, operators and content providers have to adapt and future-proof their service offerings for subscribers and keep pace with the speed with which these high-end, increasingly complex devices are launched," he added.

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