Voip-Pal.com announced earlier in the week that it has subscribed to OTC Intelligence so that its investors can have free access to real-time in-depth market quotes – Level 2 – for Voip-Pal stock.

Through the new arrangement, an investor with Level 2 Quotes will get transparency and full access to valuable real-time market data. Otherwise called depth of book, Level 2 data usually displays information beyond the regular price details by providing every individual market participant quote for securities.

Every investor should go directly to the OTC Markets or the company's website in order to access the Level 2 quotes for Voip-Pal stock.

Voip-Pal's primary product is VoIP patent application technology. The company boasts a portfolio of VoIP Patent Applications. It is also a provider of local and long-distance VoIP telephone services for next generation devices like cell phones, smartphones, and tablets through its retail website.

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