Mega cloud storage service announced via its blog that it has opened a New Zealand storage node. This will serve customers in Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

This node comes seven months after the launch of Mega by former Megaload founder, Kim Dotcom. The launch saw 500,000 signups within the first 14 hours. 

The company indicated that the transfer of files to and from an account will originate or terminate in the New Zealand node. However, API requests as well as storage of metadata will still be done from Europe.

Mega also indicated that its geographical data redundancy policy will still apply to the new node. This means that all the data on the New Zealand cluster will still be mirrored to the European site. This is because New Zealand customers are legally barred from offshore storage of sensitive data.

Mega has significantly updated its C++ SDK to enable it to work on the broader platform support. This is according to customer feedback.

Mega however noted that there are security challenges in relation to the use of computers in general and specifically regarding the use of JavaScript-based cryptography.

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