The telecommunication industry has had its roof blown off due to the immense demand for VoIP telephone services. Being 80% cheaper than traditional office phone systems, it also has features that enable SMBs to operate like other large companies. This has seen a mass exodus from the traditional telephone service to the new and cost effective next generation technology. has performed an in depth analysis of VoIP for business provider’s service plan, prices and customer reviews in order to assist customers to sort the good, the bad and the ugly in the industry.

1. Nextivaed

The Nextiva Office service is offered for $19.95/month per user depending on the number of users. It offers big business features such as toll free numbers, unlimited faxing as well as unlimited local and long distance calls. Other scalable features include 2-stage dialing, softphone integration, 15-way call conferencing and on-hold for VoIP conferencing.

2. 8×8

The Business for VoIP service from 8×8 will cost you $19.99/month. This includes features such as unlimited local and long distance calling, Video conferencing, voicemail to email transcription as well as sms texting and messaging.

3. Mitel

Mitel business VoIP service goes for $18.89/month. The service plans come with a preconfigured IP telephone. Mitel is adequate for a business that aims at taking a leap and does not want to risk in investing on any equipments.

4. Avoxi has an advanced and powerful cloud based private branch exchange service. The company focuses on providing digital clarity, scalability, mobility and reliability throughout the world. The company handles the task of maintenance as well as enhancing performance of the PBX equipment.

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