The highly anticipated iPad mini’s second iteration was launched at Apple’s special event on Tuesday. Apple didn’t disappoint its customers and upgraded the renowned compact tablet. ipad mini with Retina display will be going for $399 and people will access it "sometime in November".

Here are the top 5 feature of the newly released iPad mini:

1. Advanced Retina Display

Customers liked the iPad mini’s form factor and pricing but its low resolution display disappointed them. Apple has worked on the feedback and created a great 7.9-inch Retina display having a pixel density of 326ppi and a resolution of up to 2038×1536 pixels. This makes the new iPad mini a more appealing proposition.

2. Dual-microphones

The iPad mini with a Retina display has a different feature from the original version: two microphones, one being at the back and the other at the top edge. These two microphones function together in capturing better sound. They achieve this by suppressing any audio from a source, which the user doesn’t focus on. This helps to create high quality FaceTime Calls, enhances the capability of Siri’s voice recognition and makes video recording even better.

3. New A7 Chip

The latest iPad mini with a Retina display comes with a 64-bit, A7 chip that is also known to power the new iPhone 5s. This new chip provides 4 times faster CPU and a graphic performance, which is 8 times faster that of the previous version.
The new gadget runs a 64-bit version of the iOS7, meant to function with the A7 chip. Besides, the A7 chip actually supports version 3.0 of OpenGLES to offer complex visual effects and detailed graphics.

4. Quality Wi-Fi Reception

The just released iPad mini has two antennas for supporting MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output), which makes the Wi-Fi to have a speed of up to 802.11n. The cellular model of the Wi-Fi has more LTE bands that offer support for more 4G LTE networks.

5. M7 Coprocessor

Similar to the iPhone 5s, this gadget sports the M7 motion coprocessor that helps to measure data from gyroscope, compass sensors, and accelerometer and then sends them to apps without affecting the A7 processor. This leads to an improved battery life. Moreover, it detects different kinds of motion.

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