Virtual PBX and Gizmo5 have announced a new collaboration that they claim offers a business phone solution with the industry’s deepest feature set at a price level well below current standards.

Built on an open-system VoIP peering platform, the new service combines the products of both companies.

As part of the announcement, Virtual PBX has launched iVPBX, a new product that provides customers with unlimited inbound calling and no per-minute fees at a price of just under USD $10 per seat.

The company estimates this is about one-fourth to one-fifth the cost of most competing plans.

Gizmo5 clients who use the new iVPBX product can send calls by IP directly to their Gizmo phones at no cost.

Virtual PBX’s deeper relationship with Gizmo5 follows on from its open VoIP peering technology announced last November.

Virtual PBX client companies using the service typically have one main business number for clients to call.

Virtual PBX takes those calls, answers them with a "virtual" attendant, and then delivers them to employees using any kind of phone, in any location.

The solution enables small firms and those with distributed employees to portray a professional phone image and get top-end features – without the expense or maintenance hassles of purchasing their own telecommunications hardware.

Traditional Virtual PBX pricing plans include a varying number of free minutes with a price of 4.4 to 6.5 cents per minute for additional usage, according to a statement from Virtual PBX.

It said with the new iVPBX product, available now, calls coming in on a local number and sent to a Gizmo5 phone will have no per-minute fee for unlimited use.

By adding the Virtual PBX service, business users of Gizmo5 gain all the advantages of a high-end PBX, such as an auto-attendant, transferring calls between users, and routing calls to departments though ACD queues.

Paul Hammond, CEO of Virtual PBX, said the new iVPBX product gives users a very low-cost plan with unlimited usage.

"And the combination of Virtual PBX and Gizmo5 delivers the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost of typical hosted IP-PBX offerings," he said.

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