Velocity VoIP is one of the most innovative hosted VoIP infrastructure providers out there. In 2011, the Boca Raton, Florida-based company took a major step in its quest by choosing PortaOne PortaSwitch Procinctus. This is PortaOne’s fully redundant and high capacity product and is its core convergent softswitch billing software.

Jason Silverman, Director of Sales for Velocity VoIP indicated that the company’s reseller clients are always looking for different ways to grow their business. He added that Caller ID is not a new service, but the need to offer the service quickly, on a customer to customer basis is paramount. He indicated that the company has realized that there is need for a strategy to offer CNAM products through all the underlying carriers and CLEC relationships in such a way that both of them benefit economically.

The CNAM, or Caller Name Delivery enables customers to instantly see the Phone number information and caller name for any incoming phone call. In the past, adding the CNAM to a system was a very involved process, however, this process has been simplified by OpenCNAM. The OpenCNAM is now available as a simple web service and is widely used throughout the industry to provide Caller ID information for mobile applications, phone systems, CRM systems and fraud prevention systems for large financial institutions. Its elegant API is well suited for IT professionals, developers and enterprise telecommunications companies.

Silverman noted that customers are always demanding for low cost, higher quality services with a broad list of features. These kinds of solutions will now be provided thanks to PortaOne.

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