TringMe has launched a widget that allows users to make VoIP calls from Microsoft Silverlight applications. 

Silverlight doesn’t allow access to a mic – a problem for VoIP calls – so TringMe used a backdoor Flash widget to access it. 

The Indian start-up’s founder and CEO, Yusuf Motiwala, said they had used a workaround to get past the lack of microphone support in Silverlight. 

Controversially, this makes use of a competing platform to strengthen an existing platform. 

Motiwala said it opened the VoIP door to "millions" of Silverlight developers. 

"There are Silverlight developers who like to create telephony applications but due to the Silverlight limitation, it wasn’t possible so far," he said. 

"However, with this, they can now easily integrate telephony functionality in their Silverlight applications". 

Essentially the hack allows users to get the benefits of Silverlight while using Flash for things that Microsoft hasn’t yet programmed into Silverlight.

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