TringMe Combines Voice with PHP

TringMe has announced a method of marrying VoIP with PHP – VoicePHP.

The Bangalore, India-based startup, describes VoicePHP as an extension of PHP that now outputs voice instead of text and also takes input as voice instead of text.

Other approaches to combining web applications with voice include using Voice XML or Adobe’s Flash.

TringMe said VoicePHP is intended to do the same things as VoiceXML, but by adopting the familiar PHP programming methology.

This enables it to remain attractive to the numerous PHP-proficient developers and ensure a stream of voice applications.

Essentially, with VoicePHP there’s no need to learn a new markup language, tags, or attributes associated with VoiceXML.

Widely and freely available tools for developing, debugging PHP can be continued to use with VoicePHP.

It also means that an application written in VoicePHP can be accessed via Flash, instant messenger, Mobile VoIP clients or even conventional phone lines.

This gives TringMe an advantage over rivals.

It should also enable the start-up to generate revenue as VoicePHP grows popular and more web-voice application developers use its VoIP platform.

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