Motorola has released an all-in-one access point that combines WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VoIP, along with an Ethernet port.

The wi4 WiMAX CPEi 775 is a WiMAX 802.16e modem with an integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g router, VoIP ATA ports for voice calling, and an Ethernet port.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, this is the second generation for the router.

Motorola said the CPEi 775 follows the award winning CPEi 850.

The company said that by incorporating adaptive switching techniques, the CPEi 775 does not need to be rotated for optimal signal strength, allowing easier installation.

With some of the most advanced antenna designs available today, Motorola claims the CPEi 775 sets new standards for device transmit power and receive sensitivity — two factors that have a big impact on a network operator’s bottom line, and the number of cells required to provide coverage.

Charles Riggle, senior director of strategy and business development, WiMAX devices, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility, said service providers are looking for ways to leverage the speed and performance of WiMAX for more advanced services as mobile WiMAX networks proliferate globally.

"It takes considerable know-how to put two different radio technologies together in a single package with internal antennas and not suffer from interference or degraded throughput," he said.

"With the CPEi 775, we are able to provide high performance in a very attractive form factor."

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