Announced at the beginning of September, the new versions of Speedflow‘s MediaCore and CallMax solutions are now available.

MediaCore ver. 4.2 includes:

– Updated interface. Now it is optimized for all models of smartphones and tablets.
– Enhanced SMS module: now SMS destination names can be copied from MCC MNC table. The company also added SMS dump option that allows to make log files of SMS traffic. Financial summary report for SMS traffic has also been added. From now customers can download SMS price lists directly from .xls and .xlsx files.
– Updated invoicing and report generation tools: new filters in reports have been added. Improved engine allows generating reports faster.
– Updated Guardian mechanism (Guardian is a revenue assurance system integrated in the MediaCore softswitch).

CallMax ver. 3.3 comes with:

– multilevel reseller’s mechanism for corporate customers;
– autodialing with prerecorded IVR;
– updated filtering in CDR.

Learn more on MediaCore and CallMax solutions on the company’s website.

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