SecureLogix Corporation has announced that its releasing a free suite of custom Voice-over-IP (VoIP) security assessment tools.

Downloadable from the company’s Web site, the tools can be used to assess susceptibility to a wide variety of SIP threats, including Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, eavesdropping, audio insertion and deletion, and even call teardown.

Earlier versions of some of these tools, developed by Mark Collier, SecureLogix’s CTO and VP of engineering and R&D team member Mark O’Brien, were released along with publication of the book Hacking Exposed: VoIP, which Collier co-authored.

Collier and his team have enhanced these tools and simplified their use.

They have also developed a number of others while completing publicly funded research into current and future threats to VoIP systems, protocols and application services.

These new VoIP security assessment tools compliment the company’s voice network security scanner that identifies modem vulnerabilities in traditional circuit-switched networks, also available for free download from the SecureLogix website.

Almost all organizations deploying VoIP maintain a significant amount of legacy voice infrastructure, especially at the voice network edge where it connects to long distance service providers.

The combination of these VoIP and legacy scanning tools provides a comprehensive approach to identifying critical voice security vulnerabilities across an organization’s entire mix of VoIP and legacy infrastructure and systems.

Collier said this full voice network security approach was unique to SecureLogix.

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