Intel to help VoIP virtualisation

New CPUs from Intel based on the upcoming Nehalem core architecture will improve VoIP virtualisation.

The new processors will be targetted at the virtualisation and communications sectors, according to a report in Comms Dealer.

Intel has released some new details of its upcoming CPU range, including its new Xeon 7400, claiming a 40 per cent performance in Hyper-V performance in VMWare tests.

Virtualisation – running multiple operating systems on one server – can reduce the hardware footprint and increase power efficiency.

However Comms Dealers said many IT managers are reluctant to virtualise business critical applications like VoIP and unified communications, citing reliability and performance concerns.

It said the new processor family also includes significant improvements to instruction sets for handling multimedia.

Intel claims that these will enable high definition video conferencing using the H.264 codec on laptops.

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