, a VoIP distributor and a BroadSoft partner, releases version 4.0 of their Provisioning & Professional Services (PPS) software.

The company says this “major release” provides the solutions to manage a greater number of device types and options for deployment.

Version 4.0 makes this possible by including a new configuration management system, which allows customers to manage an unlimited number of device configurations and device options for all customer-premises equipment (CPE).

Through this solution, BroadWorks-powered service providers can make more product options available to their customer base, thus lowering cost of installations and reducing turn up times, NETXUSA claims.

Unlimited network CPE support for configuration has been added with NETXUSA’s in-house proprietary software. Certified-CPE include routers, switches, IADs, gateways, ATAs, wireless and IP phones.

Through BroadWorks Device Management, BroadSoft is believed to solve one of the most complex and time-consuming phases of delivering VoIP services – provisioning and configuring end devices. BroadWorks Device Management enables service providers to pre-configure end-user access devices at the customer site.

A simple login process is used to retrieve the appropriate user-specific files directly from BroadWorks, and then providers manage and control all aspects of device configuration centrally in the network.

According to Rick Boone, president of NETXUSA, this release as a “major milestone simplifying the service delivery for the BroadSoft channel.”

“As a recognized BroadSoft partner we have kept the BroadWorks–powered service provider in mind with our seamless support for BroadWorks Device Management and our continued development to further integrate our solutions for a plug-n-play experience,” he said.

David Bukovsky, vice president of products, BroadSoft, stated that the new features and back-office applications make Version 4.0 an attractive reseller recruitment tool for the BroadWorks-powered provider.

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