VIDEO INTERVIEW. Quality cables become more and more important part of HD – both video and audio – markets. At IFA 2009 in Berlin, interviewed Catherine Torchin, Managing Director and owner of Real Cable. She described to us the strategy of the company that has already been successful on 25 markets worldwide.

Laurent Zawadil, Technical Menager for Real Cable, showed us the latest company’s product – innovative 1.4 HDMI cable with additional Ethernet Channel. The cable will be introduced to the market in October this year, but you can take a look at its main features right now.

This is how the company described itself at this year’s IFA

REAL CABLE was born in 1999 from the association of experience and conviction to answer the growing demand of High Fidelity and Home Theatre sound and picture perfection.

Nowadays «Real Cable is one of the top cable manufacturers whose reputation has reached every corner of the world» commented a well-known journalist from a specialised press.

Thanks to close collaboration with the major Hi-Fi and Home Theatre professionals, REAL CABLE was able to develop 4 product ranges: AVS, EVOLUTION, INNOVATION and MASTER, meeting the strictest technical demands in a variety of budget areas.

Real Cable manufacture partners are in agreement with the most important certification norms and environmental regulations: ISO 9001 – ISO 9002 – ISO 14001 – HDMI LLC. All Real Cable products are ROHS compliant.

Today REAL CABLE is a leading company on the French market in the field of high level cables for the Hi-Fi and Home Theatre equipment.

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