i2Telecom has announced that its MyGlobalTalk service is now available for the Symbian S60 operating system.

The service has just been approved for inclusion on Android’s Marketplace and has been submitted for approval on the iPhone App Store.

The US company’s MyGlobalTalk is an advanced mobile VoIP application that targets the wireless handset market.

Symbian is used in mobile phone devices built by Nokia, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers.

Paul Arena, i2Telecom’s chairman and CEO, said MyGlobalTalk will provide Symbian customers with a first-rate calling experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional long-distance calls.

"We are pleased with initial sign-up rates for the application, and we are offering 20 minutes of free calling for new MyGlobalTalk customers that download the application from the MOSH website," he said.

MyGlobalTalk is internally developed patent-pending mobile VoIP technology.

Approval to Apple’s iPhone App Store would be a major step for i2Telecom if the sales success of other third-party apps is anything to go by.

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