Mobivox has announced an agreement to make its voice-activated mobile services platform the engine for the VoIP-services component of a new global online e-wallet system called WorldAxxess.

Under the agreement, MTC Telecom plans to use Mobivox-powered international long-distance services to attract customers and build revenue for MTC’s new WorldAxxess micropayments business.

Both service lines are to be introduced in August.

The WorldAxxess micropayment application will allow users to make small-metered online purchases of goods or services – such as newspapers, or downloaded music or ringtones – and pay from small amounts of currency they store online.

It has been designed to be a simple, easy-to-use online debit system that is convenient for users and also gives retailers an alternative to processing credit-card payments for small purchases.

Jan Kling, MTC Telecom owner, said that as a complement to the micropayment system, WorldAxxess users will be able to place low-cost international calls from and to virtually anywhere.

He said WorldAxxess will rely on Mobivox for the full range of its platform’s capabilities, including voice-activated calling, online storage of users’ address books, and network origination and termination services.

"We wanted to introduce a combination of international VoIP services and micropayments based on tremendous synergies between the two offerings," he said.

"We chose Mobivox after considering partnering with other VoIP providers or building our own platform. The Mobivox platform is a turnkey solution we can get up and running rapidly.

"It’s very sophisticated, yet easy to use."

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